Who hires a Private Investigator?

Jun 12, 2019

If you were to carry out an online search ‘who hires a private investigator’ then you’d more than likely come across different search point areas but, commonly they would predominantly focus on domestic issues and infidelity problems.  It is no surprise, and you’d not be the first one to fall for these false assumptions and pigeon holes that lead individuals to believe that is all a private investigator can do for you and your business.


The proactive team of private investigators provides a considerable mix of services and advice that apply across the board to a wide audience of domestic individuals and business clients. From supplying background checks to corporate investigation and fraud to examining fraud and carrying out surveillance services. 

The service offer presented most definitely doesn’t stop there. Private investigators at Proactive work in, but are by no means limited to, all of the following areas:

Landlords and Property Management

We help landlords with background checks and information on potential tenants. This can identify and provide rental and credit history reports and any criminal background problems.

Solicitors and the Legal Profession

Predominantly this takes the form of various process serving, background checks,  surveillance services to find or locate individuals or businesses or interviewing techniques delivered on behalf of the practice. Often this process is detrimental to the success of a case and the investment into the professional external service is well worth the investment.


Insurance fraud is the main reason why premiums rise year on year. Private investigators are on hand to examine cases that look or seem suspicious and provide an external point of view. Covert surveillance work is particularly effective here.

Human Resources

Just as mentioned before the landlord needs to obtain information on their tenant, the employer wants to make sure their prospective new employee is a suitable candidate.

Filling a job vacancy at any level is by no means an easy task. Confirming references and job history are legitimate whilst making sure the applicant has no criminal history he/she may not have been forthcoming about.

Family Members

Within the domestic audience reaching out and using the services of a private investigator, the array of cases varies greatly. For example, sometimes a mother will contact us about doing a background check on a potential babysitter or carer for her children.  Maybe someone is searching for a lost relative, family member or biological parent. Estranged relationships have been helped where communication has broken down and custody arrangements of children have been ordered through private investigation services.

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