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What we do and who we are

Established in the private sector since 2011 our client base ranges from multinational companies through to private individuals.

Lead investigator, Paul Moores has a wealth of experience including: the investigation of murder offences; reactive reports of thefts, assaults, sex offences and frauds; proactive targeting of offenders and/or problems including drug traffickers, drug market places, burglars and crime hot spots. This is in addition to the specialised areas of Corruption, Covert Deployments, Integrity Testing, Surveillance and Asset Tracking.
We have national accreditations in Informant Handling, Surveillance, Covert Operations and Fraud Investigation. Proactive Investigations are from a modern policing environment and operate within an ethical framework ensuring a high level of client protection. Human Rights legislation, Regulation of Investigatory Powers, Disclosure (CPIA) and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act are regulatory Acts we are familiar with.
Proactive Investigations

Business Services

We handle and manage investigation services for sole traders, SMEs and multi-national organisations irrespective of size.  By offering tailored solutions and ensuring your instructions is conducted in an expeditious and effective manner our team of experienced professionals have been successfully bringing investigations to a positive conclusion for many years

Legal Services

Professionally streamlining the process serving nature of your business. [ more ]

Security Consultancy

A security consultant is an expert in protective measure, techniques, equipment and tactics. Knowledge and experience that can be shared to enhance your personal and business security ethos. [ more ]

Fraud & Claims Validation

Fraud – wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial and personal gain. [ more ]

Integrity Testing

Testing the integrity of employees and services. [ more ]

Investigative Workshops

Workshops and bespoke training session tailored to the requirements of the business, delivered by professional and experienced investigators. [ more ]

Commercial Surveillance

Surveillance collects evidence that in many cases is the most incontestable and objective in a court of law. [ more ]

Asset Search

Reveal an individual or company’s true financial situation and net worth. [ more ]
Proactive Investigations

Domestic Services

Working closely with private domestic clients we fully understand the need for the ultimate discretion and professionalism in all our areas of conduct.  Should you be experiencing concerns about the behaviour or change in actions in a personal relationship or indeed need to assess the background of individuals providing checks and reporting documentation.  We will work with you to assemble and collect evidence that will assist in uncovering the truth of the matter

Matrimonial Surveillance

Discretion and sensitivity are key elements for successful matrimonial surveillance and obtaining evidence of your partners infidelity. [  more  ]

Vehicle Tracking


Vehicle tracking works 24/7 monitoring and recording movements providing undisputable intelligence of the whereabouts of a vehicle(s) at any given point in time. [  more  ]


Professional trace and locate services helping individuals, firms and companies. Providing assistance from finding missing people or tenants to locating debtors to delivering court proceedings or judgements. [  more  ]

Financial Reports

Conducting investigations on behalf of individuals or businesses to produce a comprehensive financial report to use in the court of law. [  more  ]

We use specialist database searches to trace people. We conduct the enquiries legally & ethically above board to achieve the best results for our client. We are fully GDPR compliant. Why not make contact with us to discuss your individual requirements. We…lnkd.in/e9APY9iN

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Trace Debt – Private Investigation Services

Trace Debt – Private Investigation Services

Unfortunately, bad debts or debtors are becoming commonplace in the world we live in today. Levels are on the rise to unprecedented numbers for both lenders and businesses alike and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage these effectively. Small debts, were...

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A proactive solution for legal services nationwide

A proactive solution for legal services nationwide

A proactive solution for legal services nationwide The Proactive Investigations team provides several legal services to assist the legal profession nationwide.   When there is a requirement to acquire the evidence and facts, Proactive investigations provide the...

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I attended a course ran by Proactive Investigations and was at first a little reluctant to go on it, this was due to going on many similar courses. I was wrong to think this as the course is well presented and ran by very experienced individuals who have a passion and drive to produce a course that everyone gains experience and the knowledge to be able to go out and deliver the good on their own. I would recommend everyone that has a chance to go on this course to do so. It was, by far the best health and safety course I have been on”.  

Jason Falls (September 2014) – Contract Manager at Lafarge Tarmac.

“I attended a course on accident investigation presented by Proactive Investigations. It was detailed but easy to understand and so user friendly in the way it was put across. Nothing was too much trouble and the mix of spoken, written and practical made it very engaging and interesting at the same time”.

Nigel Scott (October 2014) – Business Manager at Lafarge Tarmac Ltd (Contracting)

 “The delivery of the RIPA Training by Proactive Investigations has inspired the confidence of my staff to submit applications.” The OSC have also made highly positive comments on the quality of the course content.”

 Don Brown (Assistant Director, City Safe – Environment & Community Safety at Salford City Council) states –

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle recommends Proactive Investigations Limited for their professional, timely and successful completion of instructions at a low cost rate to his business.

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle

Proactive investigations Ltd have provided us with tracing and process serving services. They have ensured that documents are served within 24 hours of instructions and produced witness statements which provide us with all the details which we need for Court.  They have a professional and friendly attitude and are able to serve documents anywhere in the country.  Thank you for all your work, we could not recommend Proactive Investigations enough.

Hannah Vachre, Associate Solicitor – Litigation Department, Glaysiers Solicitors LLP, Manchester

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