A proactive solution for legal services nationwide

Jul 5, 2021

A proactive solution for legal services nationwide

The Proactive Investigations team provides several legal services to assist the legal profession nationwide.


When there is a requirement to acquire the evidence and facts, Proactive investigations provide the legal profession a way to save both time and money by outsourcing the lion’s share of the investigations work to them.  We will work with you to obtain all the background information and data and provide a portfolio of information to support you and your client.


From running asset searches to ascertain whether litigation is viable to conducting background checks on defendants are tasks Proactive Investigations are well established in completing regularly on behalf of the profession.  This combined with access to online database searches we can profile individuals or indeed the organisations – basically whatever the job needs be it personal or business-related.


We are members of the ABI Association of British Investigators and not only that our MD and lead investigator Paul Moores is a member of the ABI General Council. The ABI works in close partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales and is included in the Law Society of Scotland’s approved supplier list. These professional partnerships are more than a show of integrity in practice they assist the profession to work more efficiently to resolve client cases and all with the minimum of fuss.


Legal services include but are not limited to:


Tracing enquiries

Professional trace and locate services provide you with information from finding missing people or tenants to locating debtors to delivering court proceedings or judgments


Process serving

Our full-service offer to you includes collecting documents to be served from your office or law courts.  We are happy for you to forward documents to our premises and will collate and prepare them in readiness for personal serving.


Evidence gathering

Let us take the strain out of the time-consuming interviewing and preparation of statements and reports. Our professional and confidential approach will obtain accurate and relevant information from the individual or witness on your behalf.

The information can take the form of written reports, or we can supply audio or HD video. Both of which can be used in courtroom situations, and you have the personal support of the investigators should they need to be present in court to assist your case in question.


Asset search and status enquiry

Asset search service is available to help demonstrate the financial profile of an individual or entity. Working alongside you and the client we will plan a thorough investigation, collating facts, and provide both court evidence and a full report to support your claim.

The reporting structure will allow us to locate physical and financial assets presenting evidence of investments, acquisitions, ownership, and partnerships. The results of which will conclude if the individual or company has anything of value prior to expensive litigation procedures.


Nationwide coverage

Our reach is nationwide in terms of services offered, although we are based in Manchester we have operatives based across the UK





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We use specialist database searches to trace people. We conduct the enquiries legally & ethically above board to achieve the best results for our client. We are fully GDPR compliant. Why not make contact with us to discuss your individual requirements. We…lnkd.in/e9APY9iN

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