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Fraud and Claims Validation from Proactive Investigations, Manchester

Fraud – wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial and personal gain

Fraud is unfortunately a widespread act and to some, and in particular, to claims of either motor or general insurance is a routine way of life.

The Proactive Investigations team provides claims validation and investigation services for both business and private clients and may include any of the following options to obtain evidence to support or disprove speculation:

  • Full reactive or proactive investigation into fraud
  • Provide intelligence visits that can incorporate cold calling to obtain information and evidence gathering
  • Field enquiries – gathering information personally from many points of contact from policyholders, witnesses, checking out alibis, dealing with the police, sellers or neighbour visits.
  • Claimant interviewing – this can be carried out face to face or desktop.
  • Proving liability, indemnity and collating quantum investigations and obtaining statements
  • Providing detailed images and/or plans of the collision scene / locus
  • Comprehensive reporting covering interview of policy holder, driver or claimant
  • Instigating covert surveillance on suspected perpetrators.

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We use specialist database searches to trace people. We conduct the enquiries legally & ethically above board to achieve the best results for our client. We are fully GDPR compliant. Why not make contact with us to discuss your individual requirements. We…

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Fraud and Claims Validation

Case Study


We were instructed by a large builder’s merchants to investigate a case where a credit account had been opened with our client’s company which allowed them to obtain over £10,000 worth of goods on credit. The company had already conducted credit checks on the individual concerned, who turned out to be a false creditor. Our enquiries commenced and we concentrated our investigation on the subject’s company which did not exist. We attended the address where the goods were delivered and we were able to speak with the landlord of the premises, who allowed us to view inside the blocked off mill building, we weren’t able to gain entry but we observed what appeared to be a substantial amount of the stolen goods stored inside, these were later recovered.


The landlord gave us the name of the tenant and we made extensive enquiries to track this individual down. Every time we visited premises that this individual had been renting, we discovered that this person had moved on and this went on over several weeks. We engaged in conversation with another landlord who was owed a substantial amount of money by our subject and he gave us intelligence that led us to identify the subject’s possible workplace and a potential vehicle that he was using at the time.


We found his vehicle parked up unattended on a road in an area we believed he may be residing, it was difficult to conduct observations on his vehicle, so we decided to observe his works premises at around closing time. We followed him from his works premises on foot to a city centre car park, then back to an address which tied up with where we had observed his vehicle previously and the matter was reported back to our client, who in turn reported the matter to the police, some of the stolen property was recovered and we understand that the team who were responsible for the theft were identified and subsequently prosecuted.

 “The delivery of the RIPA Training by Proactive Investigations has inspired the confidence of my staff to submit applications.” The OSC have also made highly positive comments on the quality of the course content.”

 Don Brown (Assistant Director, City Safe – Environment & Community Safety at Salford City Council) states –

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle recommends Proactive Investigations Limited for their professional, timely and successful completion of instructions at a low cost rate to his business.

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle

"Our objective is to ethically achieve the best outcome for your enquiry by conducting a positive, professional investigation whilst maintaining strict confidentiality."

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