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Who are we and what do we do?

About Proactive Investigations Cheadle Cheshire

Who are Proactive Investigations?

Established in the private sector since 2011 our client base ranges from multinational companies through to private individuals.

Lead investigator, Paul Moores has a wealth of experience including: the investigation of murder offences; reactive reports of thefts, assaults, sex offences and frauds; proactive targeting of offenders and/or problems including drug traffickers, drug market places, burglars and crime hot spots. This is in addition to the specialised areas of Corruption, Covert Deployments, Integrity Testing, Surveillance and Asset Tracking.

We have national accreditations in Informant Handling, Surveillance, Covert Operations and Fraud Investigation.

Proactive Investigations are from a modern policing environment and operate within an ethical framework ensuring a high level of client protection. Human Rights legislation, Regulation of Investigatory Powers, Disclosure (CPIA) and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act are regulatory Acts we are familiar with.

Our aim is to deliver the highest level of investigation and provide evidence of a standard that does not require further clarity and results in the best possible outcome for our clients.

This experience has already been utilised positively in the private sector with successful outcomes to covert surveillance operations, integrity testing and claims validation instructions.

ABI Association of British Investigators Proactive Investigations

The voice and standard bearer for British Investigators and the key professional body for investigators

Formed in 1913, the ABI is the home of professional private sector investigation here in the UK. In an industry that’s still unregulated, we work tirelessly to raise standards and to see the credibility of our members recognised.

Since the 1950s, we’ve lobbied successive governments for regulation. While we wait, the industry remains a ‘free-for-all’, where untrained and unscrupulous operators are free to practice. This tarnishes the reputation of our industry as a whole – so we’ve imposed our own voluntary code of ethics and standards. Members adhere to this, so ABI membership is worn as a badge of quality.

A form of regulation, where no official licensing exists.

Meet the director

Paul Moores, BA Hons, PGCE

Professional Investigator, Paul has been a Director at Proactive Investigations Limited since its formation and has 38 years of investigatory experience. A retired Detective Sergeant, he served 30 years as a detective in Greater Manchester Police. Since retiring from the police, he has worked as an Operations Security Manager at Media City and a Self Employed Claims Investigator. Paul specialises in covert surveillance, discreet investigation and legal services for a wide variety of clients.

Paul is also qualified to deliver workshops to management to allow them to effectively investigate incidents within the workplace.

Our objective is to ethically achieve the best outcome for your enquiry by conducting a positive, professional investigation whilst maintaining strict confidentiality

Paul Moores

 “The delivery of the RIPA Training by Proactive Investigations has inspired the confidence of my staff to submit applications.” The OSC have also made highly positive comments on the quality of the course content.”

 Don Brown (Assistant Director, City Safe – Environment & Community Safety at Salford City Council) states –

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle recommends Proactive Investigations Limited for their professional, timely and successful completion of instructions at a low cost rate to his business.

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle

"Our objective is to ethically achieve the best outcome for your enquiry by conducting a positive, professional investigation whilst maintaining strict confidentiality."

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