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Commercial Surveillance by Proactive Investigations

Surveillance collects evidence that in many cases is the most incontestable and objective in a court of law.

The Proactive Investigations team of professionals have been selected for possessing many years of experience, high levels of training and exceptional interpersonal skills within a surveillance cultured background to offer a complete service to legal, commercial and private clients.

This knowledge underpins our service offer that combines quick critical analysis and thinking processes, strong sense of situation awareness and attention to detail to deliver a successful outcome to any surveillance situation undertaken.

The type of surveillance undertaken by the team will be very much specific to the situation presented and could include but is not limited to the following approaches:

  • Static
    This approach is used when it is a particular location rather than specific persons to be observed and followed.
  • Mobile
    This approach involves conducting observations on individuals using various modes of transport.
  • Covert
    This approach is an undercover operation, whereby the team have to blend into the environment to not raise suspicion whilst gathering evidence or asking questions of the individual.
  • GPS Tracking
    This approach utilises a GPS tracking device to track the movements of a vehicle

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Commercial Surveillance

Case Study


A client informed us that a Director of the company had resigned owing them a substantial amount of money, it was also suspected that the subject may be going round poaching on the companies current clients and thereby potentially interfering with an ongoing project they were working on.

We sat down with the client and discussed the options available and we agreed to provide them with a comprehensive financial report and to provide a professional surveillance team to monitor the subject’s movements during business working hours.


We provided intelligence over a 5 x day period through static and mobile surveillance which showed that he was actively seeking new business, mirroring his previous role as a fellow Director. We also provided a financial report on the subject which identified some unknown assets.

We had a client from Europe who had suspended the Sales Manager for the UK and Sales Manager for the North of the UK, they informed us that they were both poaching clients in order to set up a new business for themselves.

We were asked to provide static and mobile surveillance on the Sales Manager for the North of the UK and deploy a tracker on the company vehicle our clients owned, another surveillance team in the South were tasked with observing the Sales Manager for the UK.


Over a two month period, the Proactive Investigations team provided intelligence and evidence that both the subjects were, in fact, visiting places where they were already clients for the European company. Both the subjects were justifiably sacked as a result.

 “The delivery of the RIPA Training by Proactive Investigations has inspired the confidence of my staff to submit applications.” The OSC have also made highly positive comments on the quality of the course content.”

 Don Brown (Assistant Director, City Safe – Environment & Community Safety at Salford City Council) states –

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle recommends Proactive Investigations Limited for their professional, timely and successful completion of instructions at a low cost rate to his business.

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle

"Our objective is to ethically achieve the best outcome for your enquiry by conducting a positive, professional investigation whilst maintaining strict confidentiality."

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