The lockdown lowdown on preventing employee computer and cybercrime

May 14, 2020

Cybercrime and computer fraud. These unprecedented times are causing many a challenge for both the home and business arena. An increase in employees working from home has just gone through the roof. This phenomenon is likely to have a far-reaching impact on the way you do business in the future.

One challenge to the business and cause for concern is that your business could be suspect to computer crime or company fraud at the hands of your employees. If you do suspect such issues, then the Proactive Investigations team can help you investigate the matter with a discreet and professional approach.

Technology is advancing by the hour and criminals are continually adopting new ways to infiltrate and steal from businesses and whilst you need systems in place to safeguard against external threats you also need to be as aware of internal threats that are posed by employee behaviour.

There are simple security measures to implement to help deter employees from committing a cybercrime or fraudulent act as follows:

Apply technology to secure and limit access to computers and networks

There are a number of technologies enabling businesses to make networks, computers and connections safer. To secure company sensitive data, a blend of different options such as fingerprint technology, passwords, biometrics should be considered and implemented.

Train and monitor employees in usage and security

Employees play a huge part in your business security, the human factor is considered the biggest threat for cybercrime. Provide basic training in cybersecurity to give them the knowledge and have systems in place to both notice and react to a potential breach or hack. The government have a ‘Cyber Essentials’ programme that has some great advice. Training in best practice on creating secure passwords and detecting phishing emails.

Computer monitoring should be implemented to keep an eye on the website’s employees are looking at and the type of files they are uploading and downloading to help you reveal suspicious activity in-house. When using such measures just by notifying employees that this monitoring is in place throughout the company can be deterrent enough.

Monitor behaviour and activity for those working remotely or out of hours

During these times a large number of employees are remotely logging into the business network and systems. It is therefore imperative that activity and behaviour are monitored and the same systems that take place within the office environment now reach out to those working from home.



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