How to tackle employee theft

Jul 24, 2019

It is a sad state of affairs but, when you run a business you need to be both mindful and aware of your employees in terms of honesty with business funds and equipment.


This can happen at any point in the business transaction process from snippets being taken prior to it entering the till, equipment being taken from the office or stores to large scale funds being moved or re-directed from your accounts. This phenomenon affects businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether you are a multi-national corporate or an SME.


It is often a very difficult situation to be in and confronting staff as an employer is a daunting prospect and one that is often procrastinated, after all you employed this member of staff and trusted them to be loyal to you.  Accusing an employee is extremely risky business unless you really have tangible evidence to back the claims up. You’ll not want to be faced with a discrimination or constructive dismissal claim.


This also applies to the theft of employee property or belongings whilst at work. Employees will look to you for reassurance and quick resolution of the matter. The way in which you deal with this can have a detrimental effect on staff morale.


How on earth do you prove that employee theft has taken place?


This is where the neutral work of a private investigator can assist gathering tangible evidence and providing you with the proof that a team member is acting dishonestly.


Proactive investigations use a number of different techniques and carrying out research covertly to end any suspicion or disruption to the general day to day running of your business.


We can advise and point you in the direction of obtaining legal advice and the full process you need to adopt to bring the matter to a close.

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