How Private Investigation services can help streamline your business operations

Sep 23, 2020

A large proportion of private investigation work is based around business and corporate settings. Corporate settings often have bespoke needs in reference to investigations. More often than not the situations are sensitive and require them to be dealt with in a discreet manner.  It is also of utmost importance that investigations are carried out both professionally and ethically to establish that any actions taken as a result are legally permitted and won’t leave a business, wide open to negative legal action. For these factors, many corporate businesses look to the services and help of private investigators.


So, how can business operations become more streamlined by using the services of a private investigator:


Investigate Fraud


Unfortunately, fraudulent ventures can have a significant bearing on the business. Impacting on both financials and the level of trust you hold for employees.  If this is something you suspect, it is necessary to hire a private investigator who possesses the right tools and skillset to review and investigate. Depending on the nature of the fraud the consequence could possibly result in criminal action. Often this type of investigation is difficult to carry out in-house. Should information need to be handed to the police or authorities then you need to make sure the correct information has been gathered and in the right way.


Employee Investigations


Misconduct in the workplace is a challenging situation to deal with. There are of course different levels of misconduct and the activities of employees could have serious implications on both the business and members of the wider team.  Similar to fraud investigating in-house isn’t always the best idea.  It can cause issues within the workplace as it can be tricky and almost impossible to keep it discreet in a close environment.


Expertise and Skill Set to Tools and Technology Access


The main benefits of using an independent private investigator is that they hold the necessary qualifications, expertise and professional skill sets combined with knowledge and experience to administer a thorough investigation that meets legal, ethical and admissible criteria. On top of this, Private investigators often have ready access to tools and technology that you as a business may not have the accessibility to independently.


Investigation of lengthy Sick Leave or Injury Claims


If you should be in the unfortunate position to suspect an employee of being dishonest about their illness or injury, these scenarios are costly within the business in both productivity and the financial sense. A number of employers are of the belief that they are defenceless but, there are options available. 

From researching employee health within the main core of the workforce. Such information can commonplace at this level but doesn’t always filter to the management.  Such a scenario can have a knock-on effect where the employees at work have increased workload and spread themselves too thinly across a task in hand and can if not managed properly add to workplace stress.


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