Divorce – The lowdown on hiring a private investigator

Jan 20, 2020

Within divorce proceedings and building your case there are a variety of key tasks a private investigator can carry out. The investigator maybe hired if you suspect infidelity of your partner. The spouse might have become suspicious of certain activities and needs proof. In other situations, an investigator may be called to assess hidden assets during a divorce case or where child custody implications are highlighted and the individual needs proof that a spouse is behaving in a way that is detrimental to the child’s welfare.


Skills, tools and platforms to carry out a thorough investigation


Investigators use their professional trained skill set along with tools and platforms to work on your case in a discreet manner. Processes such as undercover surveillance techniques taking images or video to obtain objective evidence combined with access to special databases that are not generally available in the public domain. Investigators have special training and experience in this field to analyse and gather data to build a strong case against the individual concerned that can be used in the court of law.


Selecting the right private investigator for you


As with choosing any professional services, there are a variety of individuals and companies to choose from. Choosing a private investigator is no different and the needs and fit will differ to each client. You should consider how long they have been in business, if they are licenced. Do your research as to the type of services they provide, the experience and training history they hold and most importantly for divorce cases if they would testify in court and of course ask for recommendations.


Moving through the consultation process


Consultation can take place alone or accompanied by the acting solicitor. It will be expected for the prospective client to state why they feel an investigator is necessary and the client should be willing to convey all the information in and around the case/individual. In turn the client can then expect costings with a breakdown of charges and proceedings and an estimate for the project to commence.


Project conclusion and reporting


At the end of the project the investigator will supply a professional report with their findings. It is worthy to note that the outcome may not provide the answers the client was looking for. The subject under surveillance and investigation may well not show signs or evidence needed in the time frame.


Family Law – Legal Assistance


Some family law companies have private investigators they work with on a regular basis. They will also advise if this is a good option for your case and how it will impact on legal fees.

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