Corporate Investigations – Why use the skills of a private investigation team?

Mar 27, 2020

Corporate Investigations. There is a belief that private investigation is predominantly focused on domestic matters. However, there is an increasing and growing demand for external investigation teams in the business commercial arena.

As you will be well aware the modern-day corporate domain is reliant on a whole host of practices, systems and ever-changing regulations whose very purpose impacts on the daily running and on-going operations to help it perform and function.


This reliance on so many variables to provide on-going functionality means that business and corporate relationships are regularly susceptible to inherent issues


It is not surprising to know that many activities carried out within the corporate environment are self-regulated and of course obtaining a transparent idea of corporate activities can be very arduous task. This is where the corporate investigations team at Proactive can be very useful for your business proceedings for numerous reasons:


Due Diligence


Due diligence is the foundation of any business or corporate commitment, and it is the deciding factor to secure a company’s suitability to commence on a business undertaking. This is where corporate investigation into due diligence is so very vital. They may just shield you from a potential costly business arrangement or decision.


Competitor Profiling


Corporate investigation practices don’t just shield you from suspect malpractice issues, but they can give you the upper hand over your closest competitors. Our competitor profiling service make sure you always operate with a critical awareness of the competition.


Employee Theft


Corporate investigations of course are not just for evaluating your competitors. We offer a range of services to help uncover potential issues within your company and workforce. For example, there may be cause for concern that you suspect an employee of theft. We have various ethical approaches from using technology to physical to obtain the evidence you need to take the matter to the next level.  It is not a matter of not trusting your employees is making sure your business is operating in a manner that protects both its assets and its performance.


Employee Absenteeism


If you have an issue with absenteeism or an employee is continually off work sick, it impacts on the working environment with the knock-on effects of projects not meeting deadlines or operations slowing down due to lack of human resource. It most importantly costs you

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