Background Checks – What can a Private Investigator reveal?

Jan 22, 2021

Background checks are used by individuals and businesses, and allow you to view an individual’s criminal record, education and employment history and other past events, such as reasons for dismissal from previous jobs.

Within a job hiring situation, the reason for the checks is to provide the employer with confidence in the candidate they are hiring, after all, they are an important investment in the business and choosing the wrong individual could end up costing you precious time, organisational reputation and money. An investigator can also find out details of relationships and uncover any inappropriate action, they can observe and keep track of an individual’s movements and provide an overview of their character, activities and past.

What background checks do Private Investigators use?

As well as the items mentioned above, investigators are greatly experienced in this area and can unveil information such as civil litigation records, telephone records (which may include location records), financial records, driving records, property records, and even internet/social networking activities if needs be.

What information can Private Investigators gather about individuals and businesses?

Records research is a core part of what a private investigator carries out. Listed below in the tables are the types of information that can be obtained. These lists are not exhaustive.

Individual Information


Address (current & previous


Bank Accounts

Birth and Death Date

Birth and Death Location

Businesses owned


Education History

Employment History

Family History

Family Members


Marital Status

Phone Numbers

Political Affiliation

Professional Licenses

Property Holdings

Social Security Numbers

Social Media Profiles


Business Information

Business Credit Score

Employees Current and Former

Executives Current and Past

Number of Employees

Owners, Directors and Stakeholders

Pensions and Benefits






If for whatever reason the above information isn’t available, the team can action other investigative tactics such as surveillance and conducting interviews to provide and collate comparable information.

Sensitive Information Gathering

With access to numerous databases and record holder organisations, investigators can find and verify the accuracy of many types of records as detailed below:

Arrest Records

Bankruptcy Records

Business and Professional Licences

Corporate Records

Court and Judgement Records

Criminal Records


Divorce Filings

Driving Offences and Records

Mortgage and Property Records


Regulatory Records

Sex Offender Records




Importance of using a Private Investigator for background checks

There are a number of companies who will supply a free background check in the market today.  It is worth noting that they cannot be held as completely accurate compared to one carried out by a professional investigator. Some are produced with incomplete data.  Proactive Investigations will provide a thorough and certified report.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more information please contact the team

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