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Professional trace and locate services helping individuals, firms and companies. Providing assistance from finding missing people or tenants to locating debtors to delivering court proceedings or judgements.

There are many and varied reasons for carrying out a trace:

  • Are you searching for that elusive debtor?
  • Are you wishing to locate a family member or missing person?
  • Are you looking to locate a will beneficiary?
  • Do you need to find an address or locate absconding tenants?
  • Do you have a need to determine assets of an individual or company?
  • Do you need to locate an individual to enforce court proceedings or deliver judgements?
  • Do you need to locate someone who has been awarded money from a personal injury claim?

Proactive investigations have been offering and successfully delivering on this service for private and business clients for a number of years.

We are discreet and don’t leave any footprint, unless the client specifically asks for a field visit, we rely on specialist database access and can place people to addresses financially as recently as only a few weeks before.

In reference to locating missing persons or those missing from home, we must point out that if we find the missing person, that person then has to give us permission to advise the client their current whereabouts and contact details.

We are not limited to just those questions stated above. If you need to find and trace then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Case Study


A solicitor client wanted us to trace, locate and eventually serve some legal documents on a subject whom other PI’s had not been able to find. The legal papers were in relation to an extremely serious personal injury claim, where the subject needed to be traced, the victim in this case had received a serious brain injury as a result of the subject’s actions and had been permanently disabled.


We analysed all the intelligence to give us a direction to take and followed our instincts in the area we believed the subject was based, we conducted a number of proactive field enquiries and strongly believed that he was parking his vehicle on someone else’s drive and living in close proximity. After knocking on a door, a female answered who we believed was closely associated with the subject and it was clear to us, as experienced investigators, that she was not being economical with the truth.

We decided to conduct covert early morning observations at this address and within the space of an hour, we observed the subject leave via the front door and as he walked in our direction, we subsequently served the papers on him. He refused to accept them and dropped them to the ground continuing to walk on. We were completely happy that the service had been completed but as a back-up we posted the package through the letterbox where he had been living. Before we were allocated this instruction, the solicitor client had been trying to find and serve him for 18 months, we concluded the case in just a few days, despite his elusive behaviour.      

 “The delivery of the RIPA Training by Proactive Investigations has inspired the confidence of my staff to submit applications.” The OSC have also made highly positive comments on the quality of the course content.”

 Don Brown (Assistant Director, City Safe – Environment & Community Safety at Salford City Council) states –

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle recommends Proactive Investigations Limited for their professional, timely and successful completion of instructions at a low cost rate to his business.

William O’Brien of Ashfields Solicitors, Cheadle

"Our objective is to ethically achieve the best outcome for your enquiry by conducting a positive, professional investigation whilst maintaining strict confidentiality."

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