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Proactive Investigations Ltd. are a dynamic, forward thinking, motivated and ethical private investigations agency for both personal cases and for corporate issues. Our case studies show some of the variety of work we undertake for our clients.

Integrity Testing:
See the link below for a video that we were assigned for to resolve an integrity case in 2013.


1. The Licensee of a large Cheshire public house had concerns over a member of staff  operating in circumstances that amounted to theft. The theft was believed to be occurring from a small stock room area associated with the premises.
Proactive Investigations were contacted and following a site survey, installed covert equipment in the stock room that clearly observed all activities over an agreed period with the client.
The investigation showed the staff member to be diligent in their work and alleviated the employers concerns.

2. The niece of a very vulnerable pensioner, who suffers with MS and much reduced mental capacity instructed Proactive Investigations regarding her uncle, who she had serious concerns was being systematically financially abused by a neighbour.
This was ongoing over a period of 18 months and continuing despite a previous police investigation and consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service. The loss was believed by her to run into several thousand pounds.
Within a matter of days following client instruction, Proactive Investigations utilising their bespoke method of integrity testing, caught the thief red handed committing a theft.
The clarity of the footage and audio meant it was unarguable evidence.
The neighbour subsequently appeared before the courts and was given a suspended prison sentence. This also put a stop to any further abuse of the clients’ uncle.

3. The daughter of an elderly and vulnerable mother; who was resident in the Stockport area, contacted Proactive Investigations regarding possible financial abuse. She was concerned carers visiting the address, were taking monies from the premises during their visits.
Utilising our bespoke method of integrity testing, we were able to show the client the movements of the carers attending and confirm whether their actions accorded with what they had recorded on the visiting log.
Our integrity testing is just that, it uncovers any thief but otherwise assists to eliminate any client concerns about employees or those in trusted positions.
On this occasion no concerns were noted about the carers, which gave the client great piece of mind. No other incidents have occurred since and the client is satisfied at present with honesty of the carers.

4. A  Solicitor client instructed Proactive Investigations regarding establishing the owner of land outside a Take-away premises in West Bromwich. This was in connection with a high value personal injury claim.
The Client had previously instructed another company who had reported the owner could not be traced, despite their best efforts.
Not so! We visited the location and after thorough site enquiries ascertained the premises concerned; including the subject forecourt had fairly recently been sold. Within a day, the current landlord of the premises was traced and contacted.
The landlord at the time of the incident was then readily identified to premises in Crewe, Cheshire.

5. Proactive Investigations received instructions from a Solicitor Client to trace a Middleton shopkeeper who had been the subject of a claim in connection with a personal injury accident.
A judgement in excess of £18,000.00p had been awarded for the claimant and costs.
This enquiry had been referred to us after another investigation company [Details withheld] had considered the matter and turned up nothing. The charges levied for a negative outcome were well in excess of our own invoice!
Within one day, the shopkeeper was located and spoken too by us at their home address in Levenshulme. They were also identified as having a business interest in a shop at Buxton after the Middleton premises had ceased trading.
Needless to say, the client and claimant were very pleased with the outcome of our enquiries.

6. Proactive Investigations received instructions from an international Industrial Client to investigate their UK Managing Director, who had recently resigned and was believed to be in the process of trying to develop a competing venture in breach of employment covenants.  It was thought a salesperson still employed by the company was also planning to join the venture and was not working in the best interests of the employer.
We commenced surveillance on the salesperson with a view to gaining evidence of any meetings or activities they may participate in, indicating an involvement in marketing products in a manner contrary to their terms of employment.
We quickly established the salesperson was in association with the resigned Managing Director, which was against company directions; prohibiting the manager from any contact with company employees, customers or suppliers.
This was exactly the information required by the client, which confirmed their beliefs.
At a subsequent meeting the sales person tendered their resignation from the company avoiding any tribunals.

7. Proactive Investigations received instructions from a large Solicitor client to locate and interview the policyholder and driver of a hire vehicle involved in a road traffic collision in the Blackburn area. It was reported the hire vehicle was driven on a road by the policyholder with three passengers; when it hit another vehicle causing damage and personal injury. The collision had occurred some six months prior to the instruction date.
The subject at that stage was believed serving a custodial sentence regarding an unrelated matter.
Our enquiries quickly revealed where the policyholder was being held but at that time the subject was released. Due to release conditions, the policyholder was not allowed to return to the family home and therefore required to be traced.
Our extensive enquiries located the policyholder residing with friends in the South Yorkshire area. Contact was made and arrangements put in place for an interview.
On interview, the policyholder denied driving the vehicle, claiming he had parked it outside his address overnight when an unknown vehicle must have collided into it, causing the damage. He refuted that any passengers were present in the vehicle, albeit he was aware of the identity of the three other persons who were claiming personal injuries from the collision.
During the interview process, the claimant admitted the accident had been fabricated and that one of the “passengers” was responsible for a number of other contrived collisions. He prepared a written statement to this effect.
Our enquiries and careful interviewing of the claimant ensured this fabricated collision was discovered and saved the insurance company a considerable sum bearing in mind two other persons were also claiming personal injury from the vehicle alleged to have been involved in the collision with the insured’s hire vehicle.

8. A Cheshire Solicitor contacted Proactive Investigations regarding the service of court papers on an extremely violent individual who would take any action to avoid the service of process on him.
His regular process server was reluctant to undertake this instruction due to the experiences encountered when last attempting service on that person, which in total took three months to effect.
This is not acceptable and Proactive Investigations quickly identified that the individual would frequently attend at a particular school in his vehicle. Within three days, the individual was personally served at the location with the court papers despite a very aggressive manner and a string of threats.
Enquiries showed the individual appeared before the courts as required within the process served.



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